Project Description

Cherkasy Open Air Theatre

International Competition to design an Open Air Theatre in Cherkasy, Ukraine

The fallen leaf.

The new Sylvan Theater searches for inspiration in nature. Like a falling leaf, it adapts to its surroundings and integrates into the beautiful Cherkasy municipal park. Using nature as a concept, the new Sylvan theatre uses only natural and locally sourced materials. Stone and wood are the main elements in the material composition of the new intervention.

Project Year: 2016
Location: Cherkasy, Ukraine
Client: Promolod Cherkasy
Status: Competition, In Progress

ERS Design

Ivan Podolian
Cortney Copeland

1st Prize Winner (International Design Competition)

  • Theatre Axonometric View

To respect the surroundings and also for acoustic reasons, the new theatre works below ground level. The slope resulting from the excavation is what creates the support for the auditorium that accommodates 700 people. It also creates a surrounding “valley” that allows more people to sit down and enjoy the performance.

The main feature of the proposal is a glue laminated timber roof in the shape of a leaf that fell from a nearby tree, set on top of the stone base that creates the theatre.

The roof is sloped in a natural form that also benefits the theatre acoustically. At the center of the structure, there is a retractable roofing system that can also work as an acoustic banner or be removed to allow maximum sun exposure. This building, like its surrounding park, represents the identity of a place and its people through its timeless and captivating design.

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