Project Description

Ohlman Residence

Custom Home Extension in Milton, Ontario

Timeless Modernism.

The Ohlman Residence, located in the town of Milton (Ontario) is an existing single family home built in the 80’s. The scope of the project is to re-imagine the overall design of the house, providing a new exterior cladding solution, while extending the house and creating a new living room and a new master bedroom.

Project Year: 2020
Location: Milton, Ontario
Client: Ohlman Family
Status: In Progress

Design: ERS Design

The design strategy focuses on bringing order and organization to the shapes of the existing house. The window units are also being replaced for a more contemporary glazing system that provides better performance and unobstructed views of the exterior.

Through the utilization of 3 key materials (Stone, Wood & Metal) the facade becomes less monochromatic and the overall mass of the building is broken down into separate volumes.

The base of the building is clad in stone panels to reinforce the connection to the ground. The new extension sits on top of the stone base as a very light structure made of glass and wood, focusing the views on the forest that surrounds the house.

The design of the new extension is inspired by mid-century modernism and is intersected by a feature stone wall that becomes a centerpiece of the new living space and provides privacy for the new master bedroom.

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