Project Description

JN House

Custom Single Family Home in Burlington, Ontario

Making every detail count.

This single family home is located in a ravine lot, taking advantage of the slope to become an integrated element of the landscape. The house is shaped as two displaced volumes intersecting each other, sitting on top of a sequence of terraces that connect the two elevations of the site.

Project Year:2019
Location: Burlington, Ontario
Client: Confidential
Status: In Progress

Design: ERS Design




The volume located at grade contains all the public areas of the house. The main gathering spaces of the house are facing south, overlooking the backyard patio. The bedrooms are located on the top floor, overlooking the ravine.

A sequence of terraces form individual gardens, connected by a stone stair. Those landscaped terraces will create different textures throughout the path and create different environments for the interior spaces.

The base of the building is made of stone to reinforce the connection to the ground. The main level will mostly be clad in wood and the upper volume in limestone panels.

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