Project Description

Childcare Centre

Cecilia Zino Foundation in Funchal, Portugal

A home away from home.

The Cecilia Zino Foundation provides a home and safe haven to many unprotected children and families. The main concept for the development of the design of their new headquarters was to design a building that could be the face of an institution, but also feel like a home.

Project Year: 2018
Location: Funchal, Portugal
Client: Cecilia Zino Foundation
Status: Competition

ERS Design with
Vanessa Pontes Ferreira

Structural & MEP: ASL & Associados
Landscape: FC – Arquitectura Paisagista

Because of the site’s slope, the landscape was broken down into a sequence of terraces that created private spaces for family activities and play. The institutional component of the building is facing the main access road and the family accommodations are setback in an upper terrace.

The “home” component is shaped to recreate a child’s vision of a house, with a pitched roof and clad in wood to create a more inviting and familiar environment for the users.

The public spaces are designed to be easily transformed and adapted. The multipurpose room can be used as a lecture hall or a family room with the utilization of a retractable bleacher seating system. The main hall features a living wall to bring nature into the interior spaces.

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